FlandDesign is a Budapest-based design, illustration and marketing studio that implements and intermediates a wide range of creative projects, including high quality art, and marketing tasks. Our services extend on a vast spectrum beginning with the creation of a project outline or a sketch based on the customer’s first idea and unfolding throughout the whole process to the very end of the creative or marketing process, may that be building a brand, a product, a service, a logo, a book, or anything the client wishes for. We are connected with web designers, marketing experts, animators, business analysts and creative professionals all around the world who are working hard to make the final product bolder and better then the client ever dreamed of. In quality we know no compromise.



Levente Farkas

Lead Graphic Designer

Henriette Müller

Social Media Specialist

László Solymár



Previous Works


Creating a Character Concept Art

1960's Secret Agent

Necromancer Elf

1960's Female Agent


Graphic Design
Graphical design includes the creative and implementing work behind brochures, leaflets, booths, printed advertisements, publications, POP/POS surfaces, or any kind of similar marketing instruments on online surfaces and interfaces.
The drawing painting and technical implementation of all kinds of book covers, billboards and online surfaces that require an artistic touch to ensure the maximal visual experience for your customers or users
Corporate Identity / Product Identity Design
Every product that hits the market has to have a face that it shows towards the users and customers, both for the first time and throughout the years. While designing this face for you we analyze the most marketingable aspects of the product and find the most suitable audience for it, in which segment it can be the most successful and thus profitable. Afterwards we design the identity so that statistically it can be inviting for the largest possible audience while keeping focus on the most reliable target group. We consult regularly (according to needs) during the design procedure so that the campaign aligns with the vision of the client. This procedure may include designing the packaging, POP/POS design, website, etc. so that we can create a corporate or product identity that can be a trusted and beloved household name for a long time.
Package Design
Through graphical, illustrational and marketing instruments we create a package that is recognizable, timeless and induces thrust in the consumer segment, that the client is aiming for. A well-constructed, identifiable package can increase the value of your product, it can put you ahead of your competitors, while not necessarily increase the manufacturing cost.
Logo Design
Every brand needs a unique and timeless logo in order to be easily recognizable for the general public. The logo is a proof of quality that the brand represents and in many cases it can vastly increase the face value of the product. During the design stages of creating your logo we send numerous sketches about the general direction that we think we should go and if the client likes it, on the second stage we elaborate some versions so that we can choose the final winner. We can paste it on your business card, letterhead, the product, or other surfaces according to the clients needs.
Web design
We consult regularly during the design stages of the website (according to needs) so that we can meet the clients expectations one hundred percent. Throughout the design processes we will make more than one concept with a detailed description why it would be beneficial for the product. Next to the appearance and the identity we also put emphasis on the technological background, so that your new website is optimized also for smartphones, comfortable to use, and as fast as possible.
Online Marketing Strategy
During the product cycle it is indispensable to have a well thought out online marketing strategy with which we can reach all the potential buyers or users. We design an online marketing strategy that uses the most efficient methods of finding the new consumers with the information and maintains constant contact with the regular consumers. Such instruments can be the social media platforms, PPC search engine ad campaigns, or any kind of media that the client requests.
SEO – Search Engine Optimization
The goal of search engine optimizing is to make your website the most ideal for search engines to find and to rank in the highest possible place among the search results. During the SEO processes, we examine that which market segment is most likely to respond positively to the product or service provided by the client and how are they trying to find them while they are looking for information. Optimizing your page has many dimensions, such as the technical background, so that is mobile friendly and fast, and also has just the right amount of search words and key phrases in the written content. With quality SEO your company can get out information to potential customers or users who are mainly just looking for information but can be persuaded into making a purchase via an eye catching purchase opportunity, and it can herd people who are already looking into making a purchase onto your brand. The main advantage that a good optimized website can give, is that it will put your business in front of the competition.
E-Commerce is the term used to describe the salesmanship of different goods and services online, and the technical and marketing aspects that it includes during the whole process. To have a successful e-Commerce surface, first of all we need to make a customized web shop for the client’s company. We design it so that it sufficiently reflects the identity of the goods and services provided regarding to the relevant market segment. Afterwards, we design an online marketing strategy, so that traffic can be herded to the E-Commerce surface in the most cost-effective way.
In order to make a text the most optimized for the viewers on a marketing surface, every written content must be created sufficiently to be catchy enough raise awareness, while creating a personal touch with the viewer so a real engagement can be achieved. This is true for every blog article, advertisement and product description. Besides the quality content it is very important to have the key phrases in the text the ideal ratio so that the search engines can find it.
3D Modelling
The main purpose of three dimensional modelling is to design a spatial object of a mascot, product or any kind of design conception so that it can be inspected from every angle or that it can be optimized for 3D printing. Throughout some more technical marketing campaigns this design strategy can add a vast amount of value to the marketing campaign.
Complete Marketing for New Products
This service includes the whole marketing procedures from the very first steps of a new product that is about to make a debut on the market to the very last. It includes creating an identity for the product with thorough market research, designing a website, managing a social media campaign, designing the package, POP/POS, SEO, and everything that is required to make your service or product into a financial success.
Social Media Management
With a good and well thought out social media campaign the information about your goods and services can reach a great amount of potential buyers or users in one of the most cost efficient way that can currently be found among marketing channels. The different kind of channels can provide different kind of market segment for your goods and services, so it is mandatory to keep in mind where to post what and at what time, so that it can engage with the most relevant segment.